MAXX Calibration Control - Can't Find Definition Files

Every time I try to pen up y tune file it says it can not find the definition files. I believe I have the definition files but what the fuck do I do with them?


  • Put them in the "custom" folder.
  • Ok so I did this and got the engine file to open correctly. It does not look like there are as many peramiters as the 6.4 powerstroke tune. Would this be correct or is something wrong? Also I can not open my 6.7 powerstroke trans tune it still says missing definition files. Is there a different set of definition files for the trans?
  • I don't have the definition files so I can't look. They used to be all together when you downloaded them.
  • I tried to put a file into the MCC Software, I followed the directions, when I go to documents and click the H&S folder there should be two folders that say definitions and tunes, neither one pops up. What should I do?
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