Going back to stock error

I am trying to go back to a stock file so I can copy a new base for my truck and then try loading custom tunes to see if something is maybe off with the GH tuning but when I try I get Error 0 unable to open file CC20ANB.MM. Anyone know what this is? I removed the GH tunes from the SD card and put the original base files I have in MCC on the card and tried to go stock but got the same error. I found that file and added it to the custom folder along with my original base tunes but it still gave me the same error so I removed it from the custom folder and put it in the ford67 folder along with the rest of the ford67 files and still get the error. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?


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    I would call Matt at GH. Since you loaded custom tuning I am not sure if his tuning backs up the stock file. There should be a stock file from H&S on the SD card though. Oh the file error your getting is because the tuner can not find that file to load back to the truck. If you want you can try updating the card and then re-try returning to stock. As I understand it, that file will be installed during the update.

    If that doesn't work I am sure Matt would know how to remove his tuning and get you back to stock.
  • I was able to go back to stock after the MM went into recovery mode. I updated all files for all vehicles on the SD when trying to get the truck back up and running so maybe my files were corrupted or something, anyway I got it back to stock and will see how it goes from here.
  • Cool!! Thanks for posting back.
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