Glossary for MCC?

Is there a glossary out there for MCC? Something that provides insight into what the various settings mean and logic behind the settings? I am not looking to become a tuner but at some point I can't continue to pay $300 every time I want to try a new tune.


  • To answer your question..... No.
  • Ok, thanks.
  • I assume if you have a non VGT that any of the turbo settings in MCC are going to be useless? Are there any sites that people are sharing their MCC experience or is it pretty much selling custom password protected tunes?
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    The default MCC Tuning files for you truck make and year are the stock files that can be modified using the MCC software. So you are correct that if you have a non VGT turbo those files will need to be modified to support it so they are not really useless, per se.

    I do not know of any sites that share how to program using MCC. Most want to make money off of their tuning abilities so will not share. That is my assumption anyway.

    I personally wouldn't want to do anything in MCC because I don't have $15,000 (or more) to spend for a new motor and labor to put it in. Then there is also the trans tuning you would need to do also. That screws up and now you have another $5 to $8000. I'll leave it to the folks that know what the hell they are doing. Know what I mean? $300 a time for new tuning is WAY cheaper than potentially $20 to $25K for new motor, trans, & labor.
  • I agree. Just trying to tie issues I have (certain up/down shifts) to the settings in MCC. So maybe I could hold 2nd a little longer before an upshift or hold 3rd longer before a downshift, I have a windy up and down hill 2 mile drive at 10-20 mph from my house to the gate and I usually have to go in manual because the transmission slams hard every 3-2 downshift so if it could hold to a lower/higher rpm then I would avoid that 4-8 times a day. I'm not looking to drastically change anything because I too would be scared that I could really hurt something. Also would like to be prepared if the gauntlet is dropped and tuners go bye bye due to EPA moving to the next level down.
  • I'm close to Truck Source Diesel and I am going to spend a couple hours with them for test and tune to get tunes suited for my truck and application. But like I said, it would be nice to know the schematics in MCC even though I might not use them extensively.
  • Understand where your coming from. If you want to get rid of the banging shifts get a good set of traction bars. I put a race trans in my 6.4 and after the traction bars no banging what so ever. I bought some One Up Off Road. Little pricy but do the job VERY well. No ride differences, no suspension flex issues. Wouldn't even know they were there. Also helped with cornering. Will also keep you from getting axle wrap under hard acceleration. Mine was starting to leak at the pinion seal. I assumed it was only leaking when I was getting axle wrap. Since I put the trac bars on not a drop one. Here is a video from H&S

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