Mini Maxx Code Problems 6.4L

Hey guys,

It's great to have a new source of help for our H&S products! I need some help with an issue I have had recently.

I have a 2010 6.4 Powerstroke with a MiniMaxx Race tuner installed on it. Recently, I have had two codes, P1639 Vehicle ID Block corrupt, and P163A Generator B control circuit.

I have lost cruise control and have the Battery, ABS and Check Engine light on, as well. I have replaced both batteries and the alternator since, but it did not fix my problems.

I still am unable to uninstall or clear codes.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • Yeah this is a common issue when batteries go bad or get weak. The only way to fix it is to go to the dealer and have them reflash the truck back to OEM Stock and then you reload the tuner when they are done. If you are deleted make sure they do not start the truck after the flash. You will need to be there to load the tune when they are done. If they do start it, be sure to delete all DTC's before loading the tuner. It can mess up the load with all that garbage in the PCM.
  • Can this re-flash be set back to OEM by any shop that can do it of is this something that has to be done by a Ford dealer?

    I read about this on the old forum that it could be fixed with a phone call when H&S were still operating.

  • If the shop has an IDS tool and access to the trucks original OEM tuning they can do it. I'm not sure how one would access the required file. I assume they need to get it from Ford which is why I assume only a dealer can do it.

    And yes, I also heard H&S could help but since they are shut down that is out of the equation now.
  • Would purchasing a VIN unlock code fix my problem?
  • No, the problem comes from the trucks PCM and not the H&S programming. You will need to bring to Ford and have it flashed back to OEM specs.
  • No. Usually the dealer reflash is an hour labor. So maybe $85? A VIN unlock goes for $350 to $500 depending where you find one, but wouldn't work anyway.
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    If I was to purchase a new PCM coded with my VIN and replaced it, would this work? Would it still have to go to Ford after that?
  • Yes that would work, As long as the PCM has no codes on it. It would still be a savings by bringing your truck to the Ford dealer and having them flash your current PCM instead of buying a new one that is if there is nothing wrong with your current PCM. If you run into any issues with your new PCM you would still need to bring it to Ford and have them take a look at it.
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    When ford flashes your computer, your tuner won't recognize the newly flashed computer, so you will need to vin unlock/ unit reset that tuner.
  • No, the tuners are set to the very unique VIN code. After your PCM is flashed or replaced the dealer should be programming the flashed or new PCM with the corresponding trucks VIN code which will not have the tuner locked out.
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    Sean is correct. Many people have had to have their PCM re-flashed to OEM Stock and it does not require a VIN Unlock code upon completion.
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    When ford flashes your computer, your tuner won't recognize the newly flashed computer, so you will need to vin unlock/ unit reset that tuner.
    The VIN does not change in the ECU. The only difference will be the programming that's loaded in the ECU, which will be stock programming. Just proceed as normal.


    If you return the truck to stock with the tuner, it will re-load the file onto the ECU that was originally on the truck before you tuned/deleted it the first time. So keep in mind, if the programming that's installed now from the dealer is a later file than one that is supported by H&S, you're going to have issues if you returned to stock (or if you VIN unlock it) and then updated the vehicle progrramming (assuming the latest ford update is newer than the h&s info).

    Most of the time before I tune/delete a truck, there's a very specific Ford flash I put on the truck first, which is a Ford "deleted" file. That way if you had to return to stock for any reason, your equipment can all remain off with no issue. You can imagine my surprise when I found that actual factory calibration on the H&S card as a stock file!

    If you have any questions feel free to pm me.
  • Got the PCM Re-Flashed by a diesel shop here in San Antonio. Worked perfect, loaded up the minimaxx and it runs as good as it did before.

    $85 and I got to sit in the truck and watch it happen.

    Thanks for the support !!
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    Excellent!! I'm in SA also....... What shop did it for you?
  • Texas Diesel Injection on Topper Ridge.

    I have a new problem with the Mini. I will not turn on with the KEY, I have just replaced the OBD block with no result.

    Is there any other options I can have a go at?
  • Look on the OBD block. There is a switch and one way is key and the other is battery. The other thought would be maybe a blown fuse if it's already set to key.
    I am not sure how yours is wired but typically it's wired to the purple wire under the dash. I have no idea what fuse that is though.

    Here is the manual: should you want to reference it.
  • My 2008 6.4 lost its brains when the batteries died during a -33 F ice fishing trip. Same codes as mentioned here, can't tune back to stock prior to OEM Ford flash obviously. My question is if the OEM flash does not end up being verbatim "as-built", is the Mini Maxx capable of reading the new Ford flash to replace the factory file it currently has on it? Any risk trying this or should I just write the HS300 program into it right after the dealer is finished and hope everything works properly? Thanks!
  • Yeah probably a P1639. If you take it to a reputable diesel shop they can flash it back to OEM stock. That will fix the corrupt VIN block. Since the tuner is currently locked to your trucks VIN, when they fix the PCM with the flash, both VIN's will match again. That will allow the tuner to load.

    As for the stock files on the SD card, don't worry about that. The tuner doesn't really back up the files but rather compares it's stock files and the trucks stock files. If they match it loads. H&S already knew what files they were changing and put the stock value on the SD card to allow you to return it to stock should you need to. So whatever files they load/change they have the stock file on the card. Hope that makes sense.

    When your at the dealer they will flash the truck. If they start it once done you're going to have a shit ton of errors in the PCM. Before you load the tuner go in and clear all the DTC's. Then load the truck. You don't want all that garbage in the PCM while you're loading the tuning.
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