Not successful loading GH tunes

I have been trying to load custom tunes from GH to my 2012 F350 for a few days now and can't get it done. I updated the card and entered my MCC code and 1/2 way through it keeps saying the tune is not compatible. I have a non VGT on my truck from Industrial and so far can't find a trans tune that works, I get all kinds of shift flares and inconsistent shift patterns. I was on SCT and traded up for minimaxx and still not having any luck. Any ideas on clearing the card and starting over? I have to move all the custom files from the folder just to get the tuner to reset and allow the truck to run on canned tunes, which is not optimal having a non VGT. Thanks!


  • Perhaps this manual might help? Also here is a 6 part video explaining the entire process:
  • Followed the manual and got the files for engine and transmission downloaded to the MCC tunes file but have no definition files so I can't do anything with them. Also noticed that none of the files on my card are MCC but there are several others like MMD, Text Document, MMT, REV, MM, etc...
  • I found a zip file with definition files online so now MCC is up and running. In looking at the canned files from H&S they are all MM files, should I click and drag all MM files and nothing else to the custom folder on the SD card and give that a try?
  • The definition files are from December 2015, I noticed there is a post dated May 2nd on this site but it asks for username and password. I tried my username and password for this site but it didn't work so I'm guessing it is something else.
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    You should load the Gearhead files you were emailed into the "custom" folder on the SD card. You don't actually do anything with the actual MCC program/definition files you can download. The MCC unlock code gets you all you need. The key thing is to make sure the unzipped GH tunes are in the "custom" folder. Then the MCC portion of the tuner can load them to your truck. If you need phone help, I'm sure Matt over at GH will walk you thru it. Give him a call if you still can't get it going?
  • I'm working with No Limit who is working with GH and H&S. The MCC was a separate issue that I have resolved but still having issues getting the tunes from the SD to the truck. I think I might have Dodge 6.7 files instead of Ford because there are 5 files with 68RFE in the title. Several weird things going on like the engine file would load and then it would lock up when the trans file was loading. Now it loads about 25% and then freezes up and says the tune is not compatible so I tried not loading the 68RFE files and went engine only and get 000003 error code.
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