MCC unlock code

So, guys, this may sound bad, but I'm wondering if anyone has a code generator to get MCC codes? I want to play with MCC, but since H&S is out of business, its not like they are getting anything from the $200 codes the resellers are selling. If I'm wrong, please correct me, but I don't really want to give anyone $200 for a code to software they didn't develop that will also never see any updates.


  • let me be clear though. If an H&S guy wants to sell the codes to get back what he worked hard to build, I would happily pay. its just the dealers selling it just rubs me the wrong way.
  • nevermind, I just bought the code with some tunes from gearhead.
  • i just purchased an unlock code myself, not for a vin locked unit, but the unlock code for mcc to load custom tunes or tune myself, on my mni maxx, how do i punch in the 16 digit code and where?
  • Here is the manual for your review: Starting on page 23 it tells you the steps to load a custom tune. You will be asked for the MCC unlock code once you start/attempt to load the custom tuning.
  • I have a problem with mine. It never reads download already installed and when I click on import export it says call h and s. Now it doesn’t give me the option of import export
  • From page 9 of the manual:
    The file exported in this step will be your starting point for your custom tuning base file. Any options selected
    by you will be added to the base file for export.
    ATTENTION: Your H&S tuning device may require a software update before the Custom Tuning feature becomes
    The “TV #” in the Show Settings menu must at least be on the following versions (or later):
    Black Maxx - 6.8.31
    Mini Maxx - 6.8.32
    If your “TV #” is lower than those above, your H&S tuning device requires a software update before you may
  • My version is 6.4 .52 I put the card in my pc and it says it’s updated. Trying to figure out what the firmware is and how to update that. That also isn’t in my Mini Maxx either. Thanks for the help
  • I did find the firmware and its updated. For some reason on the download menu I’m missing the import and export options which were there before until yesterday, and have only two options, download h and s tuning or return to stock. I’ve been using this thing for a year with base tunes without a problem. Is it safe to say I need to send this unit in to someone?
  • One more thing it says my 6.4 liter ford needs a part number for the tranny to update. That’s probably my issue
  • Something is wrong. The 6.4 does not need anything for trans tuning as you know. It sounds like the files on the SD card might be corrupted. Follow these instructions to format the card and reload.
  • Ok great. Thanks bro.
  • I’ve done the reformat 3 times and still no luck.
  • Well, man I don't know. :( I am going to guess it needs to be sent off to Rudy's to get reflashed. I have heard of this in rare instances and you must be one of those. Sorry
  • I figured as such. Thanks for the help.
  • One other thing smoking 08, when my mini maxx is plugged into my pc, it shows initializing communication and stays there, why does it do that? I can scroll through the menu but it bothers me thanks.
  • It can't talk to the truck so it displays that. Its trying to do a hand shake with the selected truck that it's not connected to because its powered up via USB.
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