H&S Mini Maxx LMM DPF Delete

Just installed my Mini Maxx and will be getting my DPF delete 5" turbo back exhaust put on shortly. Directions suggest you install the tuner before your exhaust. My question is, when I installed the mini maxx, I was asked if I had the stock exhaust, emission still on still on (which I did) When I do the DPF delete, will I get the option to adjust that setting or do I have to re-install the download?


  • The idea is to drive the truck and get it up to operating temps. Load the tuner's emissions removed tuning. Once that you know it was successful, let the exhaust cool enough to remove it. Get the DPF off and new exhaust on and your ready to go!!

    What H&S didn't want to happen is you take all the hard parts off the truck, try to load the tuning and something go wrong. Then you would not be able to drive your truck OR you would have to put all that crap back on in order to drive it.

    So to answer your question, all you will need to do is go back to download and select that. The process will start over just like when you loaded it before. When you get to the question about emissions present or removed, select removed. Then answer the rest of the questions and let it load. Replace the exhaust and you're in business.
  • Can you run it in the tow mode and still have the tune do the egr delete?
  • There are two tunes you can load. Emissions present and emissions removed. If you remove the DPF load the emissions removed tuning. If you leave it on load the emissions present tuning.
  • Man I sure hope I can tune the truck after the dpf and egr are deleted first that’s what I did. Was told it would work either way. I’m sure hope so bc I’m not putting that stuff back on I’ll get a different tuner if it doesn’t work out. Hopefully it all does.
  • I have a LML
  • You can load the tune before or after removing the hard parts. The only reason to load it first is in case there might be an issue with the tune while trying to load it. You can do it your way if you want. Up to you.
  • I've JUST been through this with my LGH(LML)..

    make sure the tune loads FIRST!! i removed all the hardware, then had problems with the tune. couldn't get support (other than here) as HS is not around anymore. truck threw codes, dash looked like a christmas tree... went into limp mode..

    i had to ditch the HS unit and get an efilive..

  • How would you get up to operating temp without throwing codes if everything is removed? I currently have EGR removed due to a leaking cooler, would I have to reinstall it to install tune?
  • No, if you have removed the hard parts already, just make sure your batteries are fully charged then load the tuning to the truck. The main reason to get it up to temp is so you don't have the glow plugs kicking in and out draining the batteries. In your case just make sure they are 100% charged.
  • I hooked up the EGR temporary and was able to run engine up to temperature, tunes loaded with. No issues. I replaced injectors and need to have the ecm programmed for the new injectors. It states the truck should be "returned to stock" before brining it in. My question is : wouldn't it through codes and go into limp with EGR/dpf removed? How do I get the ecm programmed?
  • You would need to drive the truck to either your dealer or your local diesel repair shop. Once there you have 2 options..... return it to stock with the tuner or let the shop flash it back to stock. Then reload the tuner once they are done with what they need to do.
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