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Does anyone know if there is a way to add additional DTC definitions that I can turn on or off in the MCC program? While there is quite a list with the latest definition files, the one I'm interested in is not in the list.


  • I looked at my MCC definitions as well and cannot find a way to edit anything in the DTC tree. I will admit I have never used MCC programming. I just loaded the 6.4 default definition files. Maybe, if you do an export from the truck and load those files into the MCC software you can add or change? Not sure. Sorry man........
  • Thanks for looking. I am getting this persistent P0607 fault. I clear it and it drives/runs fine until I shut it down. Then the DTC trips when I start it back up. Doesn't seem to affect any driving, but I hate having to clear the DTC every time I start my truck. I'm hesitant to throw a TCM at it just yet since there are no other symptoms. Not a lot of info around on this code either. Was hoping I could just turn it off!
  • I was able to locate this:

    A P0607 could be caused by one or more of the following:

    * Loose ground terminal on PCM/ECM
    * Dead or defective (12V main) battery
    * An open or short in the power or ground circuit
    * Loose or corroded battery terminals
    * Failed PCM/ECM

    Possible Solutions.

    The first thing to check is the battery, check the voltage, inspect for cracks and or loose/corroded terminals, etc., do a load test on it too. Also inspect the grounds/wiring at the PCM. If that's good the other common fixes for a P0607 Control Module Performance DTC seem to be either replacment or reflash of the PCM.

    Do you have a tuner? Have you tried reinstalling the stock tune, and then reloading the tuning?
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    Here's another one with a fix.

    My F250 SD with 6.4L auto trans is a 2008 model with just over 50,000 miles. It is typically only driven once a week and sometimes less often. Due to an injury it sat unused for over 3 months. I noticed that the cruise control was becoming intermittent prior to the injury. The first time I drove it after a 3 month lay-off the P0607 showed up while at idle sitting in a parking lot. Got a code reader, looked up the code and found the basic issue of the PCU not keeping up with the data flow type message. Prior to going to the dealership I pulled the air cleaner and dipstick out, removed the two cables from the PCM, used alcohol to clean the pin contacts for each side of each connector, then reinserted the connectors several times to burnish the contacts, replaced the air filter, and restarted the engine after resetting the code. The code did not return, the cruise control came back working solid. The fuel mileage was poor so I ran a can of concentrated diesel fuel system cleaner through it and the MPGs rose back up to normal plus a little better. So for $20.00 for the code reader and $12.00 for the fuel cleaner the problem is solved.

    Rather than using alcohol as this poster did I would recommend this instead: I think Home Depot carries it and it's about $7. Spray the two connectors as well as the pins on the PCM. Let the cleaner evaporate and plug the connectors back on and see what happens. Good luck!!
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