Custom tunes

If I have custom tunes downloaded on my truck and I unplug the monitor. Does it go to my stock custom tune or stay the tune I had it on or the stock box tune?


  • It will drop to the stock setting of the tune that is loaded, which in your case is the custom tune.
  • Thanks. I was wanting to switch to ez-lynk cause I’m running an edge monitor off my obd2 port and I’ve got my EAS stuff on it. But that’s a 1200 switch with re-tunes and that takes time for my engine. Tried a good splitter but there was to much data and one would be slow or not show everything. I thought that’s how it worked but wanted to make sure. Thanks
  • What I did was switch to an SCT X4 with custom tuning and use the Edge to monitor my PID's. Loaded the SCT, unplugged it and plugged in the Edge. The SCT won't do deletes without a custom tune. SCT was $399 and tuning was $450. I would have looked at the Ez-Lynk but they do not offer tuning for a Ford 6.4.
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