Mini Maxx No DPF Delete

I've loaded the Mini Maxx into the truck (2012 Ram 6.7) and it's continuing to give me "DPF/Exhaust Filter Full" and I don't have any of that equipment on the truck? What code would I be looking for and could I turn off certain sensors with the custom tuning?


  • The fix for that is to return the truck to OEM stock using the Mini Maxx and then reload the truck. After that the message will be gone. There was never a fix for that issue before H&S Performance closed.
  • I've done that several times without any luck but will try again. I've done some major upgrades to the engine and put a dual turbo setup on it, do you know if I can turn of the turbo pressure sensor?
  • I'm not a Ram guy, but I have also heard that a dirty CCV filter will cause issues as well. Have you checked that?
    If you have two turbos, are you running a custom tune to account for that set up? As for the pressure sensor, I have no idea. I would assume that would be something that could be possible in MCC.
  • What version is the latest "good" version for the programmer
  • The one you have!! LOL You can't use the updater since it will brick your tuner. The latest S/W is 1.03.1. I don't have a list of the latest tune version (TV) on the RAM..
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