H&s minni max help needed pick wrong year.

Pick the wrong year for my truck had to reflash to stock at the dealers. I have a 2012 dodge 6.7 Now my minni max won't change to the right year it said something about restarting and a removed the cat and dpf fist before downloading do I have to put it back again to deleted?


  • No you don't have to put the hard parts back on. Here is the issue......... The tuner is locked to your VIN but the wrong year truck (as you selected it). So now you need to purchase a VIN Unlock Code. This will unlock the tuner and allow you to select the correct year. I would advise you get one from a reputable diesel performance website versus EBAY or something like that. This way if it doesn't work you have someone to call. There have been a lot of folks that claim they can unlock them, sell you the code, and if it doesn't work you're on your own. You can get them at Berk's Diesel, Rudy's Diesel or places like that.
  • Thx! Smokin08 I did that seem to work now. I didn't remove the egr yet should I remove it or can I leave it their? Will it be an issue?
  • The EGR can remain and you can remove it any time later if you want. You did remove the DPF, right? I ask because sometimes people confuse the DPF and EGR.

    Here is a link to the manual if you do not have one: https://dieseltunerpros.com/downloads/hs/mini-maxx.pdf. Look it over and you will see the options available. Look on pages 33 thru 36 and pages 51 & 52 for your truck.
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