Menu options disappear?

I recently downsized my tires from 37s on my 08 duramax. When I went to change the size with mini Maxx, there were no longer options for tire size calibration. Pretty much everything besides pyro & firmware are gone. Any ideas what I can do to bring back everything or is my tuner toasted? Confused...


  • Did you update the tuner? The options will not just disappear. I’m hoping you didn’t because the tuner will brick. You could call someplace like Berks Diesel and buy a preloaded SD card and see if you can get those options back.

    Oh and if you updated your going to need to send the tuner to be reflashed. Berks can do that as well.
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    I didn't update the least intentionally. I did connect it to my computer last summer to see if I could copy the files for a backup just in case something random happened. I wonder if that's what did it. It still shows my truck info and reads all the temps, speed, dtcs ect...
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    Okay, well if you have had the MM plugged in and it's still working you did not get bitten by the brink tuner that the updater does now. Just before they started doing that, they were removing features. The main one was the ability to use MCC tuning. Other oddities were experienced by users as well. Sounds like you were one of them. :( The best I can recommend is to call Berks Diesel and ask them what the cost is for a new updated SD card. You will need to insert the card and then go to menu > update firmware. Then load the truck.

    Do you remember reloading the truck last summer or putting the SD card back in and doing a "update firmware"? The update firmware is what adds or removes tuner options.
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    No, I don't think I messed with update firmware but I had my truck at the local mechanic shop to change all filters and fluids. It is possible some bonehead there was messing with it. Doubtful but a possibility.
    I was able to reinstall the truck back to stock when I got home a few minutes ago. The options didn't reappear and I'm a bit scared to try installing from the card again. Probably best that I get ahold of Berks because besides changing simple settings, I don't know much else about tuners. It was on the truck when I bought it used long ago.
  • Seems someone would have had to update it then update the firmware. That’s the only way it’s going to lose options. I think Berks would be your best bet.
  • @utfanatic
    I was just thinking about this. When trying to change the tire size you were reloading the truck correct? You can only change the tire size during the downloading of the truck. It's one of the questions it asks as you go thru the downloading process.
  • Hell, I might just be too dumb to touch this thing. I thought the options were available right from the main menu the last time I messed around with it. You're saying I have to download from the truck to bring up that option?
    I know I've seen it before because I thought the tire size wasn't set up right due to the abs light coming on. Then I found out it can't compensate for 37s and I left it alone until I decided to downsize a bit.
  • I'll take another look at it when I get home tonight. Also, I noticed there were 3 different tune file options to choose from on the memory card. Off the top of my head, one was from H&S, one oem I believe, and don't recall the 3rd. I'm assuming the one from H&E would be the one to reinstall? 2nd hand custom stuff can be a headache to figure out. Ha! I really do appreciate you taking the time to chat with a tuner knowledge deficient
  • Here is from the manual. You have to go to menu then download and reload the truck.

    Tire Size Calibration
    This option allows for the re-calibration of the factory speedometer to adjust for non-stock
    sized tires. For the most accurate speedometer reading when using non-stock sized tires, it
    is best to measure the diameter of the tire using a tape measure rather than going by the
    printed tire size. In addition, using a GPS is a great way to dial in your factory speedometer.
    Entering a larger tire size will cause the factory speedometer to read higher while entering
    a smaller tire size will cause the factory speedometer to read lower. The tire size can be adjusted
    from 25” to 60”. This option can only be adjusted during the Install Download process.
  • Smokin08, after reading your last post and especially the last sentence, I decided to reinstall the H&S tune on the card. Sure enough there was the tire calibration following the governor unlock. I set to 35s and then finally, FINALLY the abs light didn't ping with a test drive down the road.
    I guess at some point I had unknowingly gone through that procedure before but for whatever reason I vividly remember it being in the menu as long as the ignition was on but not running.
    Regardless, mission accomplished. Seriously, I can't thank you enough for your input here. Looks like the ol' truck will be making a few more fishing trips down Padre Island national seashore again real soon.
  • Cool!! Glad you got it fixed up!!
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