Sequence of Installation, and Limitations

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Hi all,
I have an 08 Ram 2500 6.7 Cummins that I use in the mountains of Colorado, off road, strictly as a plow/spreader truck for our county unmaintained road.

I've purchased the following for a total DPF/EGR delete:
  1. H&S Performance Mini Maxx, PN 109003 (new from Diesel Truck Products, Inc. ) in November 2018
  2. CNS EGR Delete Kit
  3. G-Plus EGR Throttle Valve Delete Kit
  4. Performance Race 4" Turbo Back With Downpipe Down Pipe Exhaust System Kit
From reading up on here, thanks VERY much to Smokin08, I've come up with the following general plan:
  • First part:
  • Install the H&S Performance Mini Maxx, ensure it has my vehicle, etc.
  • Run with just H&S tuner, stock, for a few days until I have time to do the next part
  • Next part:
  • Load the Emissions Removed tuning on the H&S
  • Delete EGR hard parts with CNS and G-Plus kits
  • Remove all sensor plugs from exhaust system
  • Run for a few days until I have time to do the last part
  • Last part:
  • Remove OEM exhaust, from Turbo back, and replace with turbo back exhaust kit
  • Run forever, and hopefully not experience any problems
Does this sequence seem to be okay? Am I missing anything that anyone can think of?

Cheers, and thanks in advance for any and all help!



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    Welcome!! You can make this a bit easier and a few less steps. The first thing to do is to drive the truck as it is (stock) to get it up to normal operating temps. You don't want the glow plugs cycling on and off for the 10 or so minutes it takes to load the tuning. Go ahead and load the emissions "removed" tuning. When the tuner is finished it will say to start the truck. Do that and turn it off. Let the exhaust/engine cool and start removing parts and installing new. At a minimum you will need to put the new exhaust on. You can wait on the EGR part if you would like. Up to you. If you wait be sure to unplug it as instructed in the manual. Then enjoy!! You might want to look into the Overdrive Transmission Tuning as well. It is an unlock code. You put it in and it will allow the tuner to tune the transmission. Here is a manual to look at: For your truck look at pages 30-33 & 49-50 to see the available options for your truck.

    Oh and one thing to keep an eye on...... When you select your truck make and year, make sure you select the correct year Dodge. I have seen many people on here select the incorrect year and it will brick your ECM.

    Remember when you load the emissions removed tuning you MUST remove the DPF and install the new exhaust. If you don't the DPF will clog up in no time.
  • Hi Smokin08. Really appreciate the reply. Great info! I'll definitely look at the transmission tune as well.

    Three more questions if you don't mind. Can't seem to find a lot of information, at least on the first.

    1. What do I do with the two DPF pressure lines that I pull off? Do these get plugged, or do they just stay open to air? The little I've found says to leave them open, but that seems odd to me. Is there a way to completely remove these from the truck or permanently disable the pressure sensors to keep them from throwing codes?
    2. Does removing the DPF/EGR, and replacing exhaust from turbo back also remove the exhaust brake? From what I understand, the EB is in the turbo itself, so I'm hoping to keep the EB if possible. The truck will still hit the road occasionally to tow something back, and living in the mountains, the EB is pretty useful.
    3. The exhaust I purchased doesn't have a muffler, but from what I've read, seems like it gets pretty loud. Is there any particular muffler you would recommend to put inline to keep the noise down somewhat?

    Thanks much for your response, and sorry for such a delay in responding!

  • 1) You can just remove them (unplug them) from the connectors. Tie them up underneath the truck. The tuning will disable them. Mine have been that way for 11 years. No issues.
    2) Good question. The short answer is no. Replacing the exhaust will not disable the EB. With that said, some users have reported that their EB quit working after loading the tuning. Others report it had no effect and theirs works fine. All trucks are different so I cannot answer that with 100% certainty. You should not have a problem though.
    3) To me they are not that loud without a muffler. Listen to this video.

    If you want a muffler these are really good:
  • Fantastic. Really appreciate your help and expertise. I'll let the forum know how things went once I'm able to get some time invested in the process.

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