6.4 dpf delete and h&s tuner questions

So I just picked up a 08 f350 and it has already had dpf and doc removed. From what I understand it must have a tune to run. As far as I can tell it's not been tuned (throws 3 egt sensor codes and still runs exhaust cleaning every 5 miles once up to temp). But seems to run fine.
Questions are
1. Do you think it has been tuned previously?
2. If it has will the h&s mini maxx race tuner still load ok.
3. If it will not how do I make it work?

I do not know what firmware or anything about the tuner as I'm still waiting to receive it. It should be older because it is supposed to have high sulfur tuning/ emissions removable.


  • Welcome!! I would have to be tuned. If not tuned and the DPF is removed it would only start one time. The EGT issue is weird. If you know the codes that would help. As for your other question, the H&S tuners will not load unless the truck is at it's stock configuration. It sounds like you do not have the original tuner so you are probably going to need to get it flashed back to OEM Stock by someone with an IDS. A reputable diesel shop or the dealer can help with that. Once that is done the H&S tuner will load.
  • Ok what's a decent price to pay to have it flashed so I know I'm not getting hosed.
  • Also what's the worst that can happen if I try to install the mini without having it flashed first. Really don't want to have it flashed because it runs the way it is and won't after.
    And thanks for all the info.
  • The cost is usually one hour shop labor. $85 to $100 or so. You can try loading it but its going to fail. It will give you some sort of error message. The error message depends on what it finds it doesn't like. Typically the procedure would be drive the truck to the shop, they flash it, when done you (or them) plug in the tuner and load the tuning to the truck. Drive away after paying.
  • I've been on the phone all morning the stealership wants 150-300. Let's hope the 2 shops within 100 miles of me can do better. Really don't like driving it the way it blows white smoke when it decides to clean exhaust filter at a stop light.
  • Yeah, it's not good to drive it like that. It sounds like whoever originally deleted the DPF put a tuner on it that only does DPF and not EGR deletes. Now it is possible that it had an H&S on it and someone loaded the "EASY" tuning now that I think about it. You can try installing the new one and select either the Mild or HD300 tuning. Those turn off anything to do with the EGR.
  • The dealer had an xrt pro but told me it went to another truck, then sold it with said truck after it was promised to me. ill try loading it when I get it Friday. Can't complain too much picked the truck up with 112k for 11k out the door. He wanted 14k plus. Thanks for the help smokin.
  • Also I'll pull them egt code numbers when I get home from work and post them.
  • Codes are
    Scanner shows no data from diesel catalyst or egr.
  • These codes are for the EGT sensors in the exhaust. You said the DPF is gone/deleted right? It sounds like it doesn't have a tune at all but if that were the case it should only start one time. Something is way off. If it has a tune it should not regen at all. The tunes turn all that off. I'm really not sure how it's running.
    I would stop driving it like that and wait until your tuner arrives. You could do some motor damage like it is. Load the tuner and I bet you will see a huge difference. If you can't get it to load post back here. Use @Smokin08 in your message and it will email me you posted.
  • I've only drove it home from buying it. Have all the stuff for oil change and fuel filters. I read elsewhere the tuner isn't going to like the factory air box. Is this true I plan on buying a s&b when I get the funds.
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    You can run the factory CAI but what typically happens is you will suck in the filter minder. There is a device on the stock intake tube with a push button on top. If it sucks that filter minder in it will set a CEL. It is better to change the CAI because the truck will need to breathe in more air. I run a No Limit Fabrication CAI. Much better than the S&B.

  • @Smokin08 Well I picked up my tuner this am couldn't wait till 4pm for delivery. Got home plugged it in and it loaded just fine. No check engine light or anything. Egts run 500-1000 oil temp and coolant temp within 6 degrees of each other. So I think all is good for now. Going to do an oil change and fuel filters tomorrow. Anything I should look for while doing that?
  • @6_4powerchoke
    Awesome man!! Good job!! Hopefully you loaded the Mild or HD300 tuning? If you loaded the easy tuning do back to download and load one of those two. These tune groups disable the EGR valve. The easy tune cycles it. Plus these two allow you to tune the transmission.

    As for the filters, just make sure you use Motorcraft filters only. Our trucks are really picky. Be sure to change the oil every 5 to 7000 miles. You might also change both fuel filters while your at it. Again, only Motorcraft filters.

    Let me know if you have any more questions!!
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