8C33CAO or 8C33CA0

Brand new tuner will not download to truck. throw error message 8C33CAO or 8C33CA0. updated the SD card and still nothing


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    Was the truck deleted already and your trying to load the H&S? Did it have a tuner loaded already? The truck must be in a stock configuration before you can load the H&S tuning. If you updated you might be screwed...…. The updater bricks your tuner.
  • i believe the truck had a tune on it already. i do not have the original tuner.
  • and yes it was deleted prior to buying the truck and tuner
  • That's your problem. The truck must be at a OEM stock configuration before the H&S will load. You can have this done by someone with an IDS. Local diesel shop or dealer as a last resort.
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