H&S Mini Maxx SD Card problem

Hi guys, I recently bought an H&S Mini Maxx for my 14 powerstroke. Bought it from diesel truck products. When I go to install the tunes it says error changing directories. The company doesn’t have a number to call. I used their online chat thing and they responded and said they sent out 15 tuners with bad SD cards and that they would send me a new one. Well this was last Tuesday and they said it would be in last Thursday. I didn’t receive it and emailed them to see what the deal was and now can’t even get a response. I’m at a loss here. Got a $700 tuner and a truck that won’t run without the dpf. What do I do?


  • @ZachCozz05
    I know this doesn't help now, but the typical install procedure is to load the new tuner with the DPF removed tuning then remove and replace the hard parts. That way if the tuner doesn't work your trucks not down.

    With that said, if the company is not responding, you can contact someplace like Berk's Diesel or Rudy's and buy another SD card. They can sell you one. Try Berk's first.
  • Well luckily I was finally able to get ahold of them. Not sure why but the SD card took forever but finally came in. Loaded the tunes and the truck is running good now. Thanks for the help!
  • Awesome!!
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