Mini Maxx 5.9 CR

I acquired a Mini Maxx for... well nothing. It doesn't have any option for the 06-07 5.9 in it. It has 7.5 up to 2011 6.7, but no 5.9. Is there any way to add the 5.9 to the tuner?


  • Unfortunately if you don't have it on the card the only way to get it is to call someplace like Berk's diesel. Do not upgrade using the updater or it will brick your tuner.
  • Ok. Thank you. I'll give them a shout and see what that would be worth. I mostly just want it as a gauge set up sp don't want to spend a pile of money on this thing. Thanks!
  • Is there anybody else around other than berks that can do it? I've been trying to call and never an answer, wont answer emails either... so thinking out of business
  • Try Rudy’s Diesel
  • Thanks again, will try them
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