Invalid product code, mini max

Trying to install download and get invalid product code , then have to unplug unit to clear.


  • Purchased new, used? Vehicle type and year? The more info you provide the better I can assist.
  • New head unit full dpf codes for most models, tried on 2011 duramax failed at "install downloads", tells me to turn key off then on, does quick 5 second download then screen says invalid product code... also tried on 2011 ford 6.7 and fails at transmission tune. Will use on the ford if I can make this work.
  • I would call whoever you bought it from and tell them to get you another tuner. Sounds like that one they sent is broken. I have heard different folks saying that they have purchased tuners and they not work. Something about them being sent out with bad SD cards.
  • New tuner installed and work great, thanks. Now to figure out why no exhaust brake after tune installed.
  • Some say the exhaust brake quits working for a while after installing the tune then just starts working fine after awhile. Others report that it never works. I don't believe there was ever a resolution when H&S was open. Since they have been closed for 5 years there are no new tuning modifications.
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