Problem changing codes

I was given a new code to change my turner because the vehicle has changed. The code was working but it seemed the process did not finish completely and reset the programming. I was told to change the vehicle and to update the sim card so I did that. Then my tuner was showing a different root number that was all letters, then it showed an error code and then now this morning it won’t turn on? The guys where I got the new code from sent me here to get help to figure it out. Does anyone know what I need to do?


  • If you updated the SD card you're hosed. The updater bricks the tuner. You can call Berks' Diesel and see what they will charge your to reflash it.
  • Crap, and my diesel shop here told me to do that. Do you think I can just buy another SD card?
  • If you updated, you bricked the tuner. That's why it won't turn on. The only way to correct it is to get it reflashed. Berk's can do that.
  • Where is Berk’s located? I just want to make sure I am calling the right place
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