h &s unrecognized part number

2011 6.7 h&s removed tuner replace pcm cannot reinstall tuner unrecognized part number


  • What is the exact error are you getting?
  • I am getting this same fault on my 2012 ford 6.7.
    I can select my truck then when I try to download tune I get
    exact error is

    Unrecognized part number

    Is there a such thing as hs support ? Phone # ??
  • OK I fixed it.

    I contacted who I bought it from. They emailed me a video .
    Had to change the name of a file on the SD card. Easy and worked.
  • Yeah, no tech support. :( H&S Closed 5 years ago. All the tuners now are knock offs.
  • A crappy shop downloaded the wrong tune to me truck what should I do now. Tried to tune it to the correct truck and its getting stuck at the turn key forward step it freezes up
  • What truck did they load and what truck do you have?
  • Loaded 2012 f350 i have a 2014
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    What does the show settings screen say? It should say something like 2011 - 2013 Ford 6.7. That's depending on what version the tuner is at. It might say 2011-2014 Ford 6.7. There should be no option for just a 2014 by itself. Well with an original H&S tuner it would say that. With so many knock-offs out there now who knows what they say.

    I'm just saying what the original tuners used to say. Your saying when you go to download > change truck you have an option to select just a 2014 Ford 6.7? And just to be sure, you are talking about a Mini Maxx, or XRT Pro right?
  • Now that I think about it, the selections might be 2011-2012 and another for 2013-2014. Been awhile. If try to return the truck to OEM stock can you do that? If that completes then go to change truck and select the correct entry for your truck let it reboot then try to load it.
  • Ok I’ll try that. I had a error code pop up I got a new tuner just downloaded the update and now im about to try and reprogram my truck
  • The selection was 11-12 and 13-14
  • Mini maxx tuner
  • Did it load?
  • Batteries died just got new ones today about to try now
  • Okay. Let me know!!
  • hello I bought a f250 6.4 with a tune on it, so i bought a h&s tuner so i can control the tune and i can't install the tune it will show me this message '' Unrecognized Part Number [email protected] '' Thank you need help
  • If the truck had a tune on it already, you must remove the old tune by using the old tuner. Then you can load the H&S. If you do not have the old tuner to remove the tune, you would need to go somewhere like a diesel repair shop or dealer for them to flash the truck back to factory stock. Then load the H&S tuning to the truck.
  • has any one had unrecognized part number fc20bre.mm
  • If you look on the SD card can you find any files close to that? Like FC20BRD.MM or FC20BRF.MM?
  • new to this how do I look on sd. card
  • See your other post
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