SD card issues

I recently bought an H&S Mini Max and it let me load my vehicle and what tunes I want to use but when I tried to download them it threw an error code for an update. I removed the card and plugged it into my computer then researched and learned I would have to have my truck reflsshed back to pen stock tunes. When I reput the sad card into my programmer it keeps telling me that there is no sad card installed that I need to install the card. It won’t even let me read the DTCs. Not sure what’s going on with the unit.


  • Not sad cards SD cards lol spellcheck got me.
  • What error are you getting when you try to load the truck? Says you need to update? If so, don't do that. It will brick the tuner. If it says it can't read the SD card, sounds like the tuner is messed up.

    Is this a new tuner or was it a used one? Several folks have posted on here they bought tuners from Diesel Truck Products and their SD cards have been empty or defective.
  • That’s where I bought it and the error was one that you told someone else to get the truck flashed. My DPF and EGR is already deleted. The card isn’t empty but it says no card installed when I try to do anything. It also tells me to install the card and try again. I will have to look up the actual error code.
  • The tuner is new from Diesel Truck Products.
  • Yeah your about the 3rd or 4th person that has bought tuners from them that do not work. Also, if the truck has a tune on it already it will need to be returned to stock using the original tuner that tuned it. If you do not have that tuner then yes the truck will need to be flashed back to OEM stock before you can load the H&S.

    As far as the new tuner goes, you will need to contact them and have them send you another SD card. Once you have that you can proceed with the flash and then loading the new tuner, well providing the new SD card can be read when you try to use it.
  • Thanks I’m trying to contact them with no answer yet is there somewhere I can just buy a new SD card?
  • Send it back. And just have them take care of the issues. The owner of diesel truck products is aware of the problems.
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