2015 Powerstroke questions

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Ok so I haven’t owned a diesel since my old 7.3. I now have a 2015 6.7 Powerstroke and am wanting to get rid of the obvious junk underneath the truck. I’ve been told that the HS mini max doesn’t work for anything over 2014 but I got an E mail back from someone at DTP and they said they just got the update and works fine on the 2015 models now. I would like to know if someone can confirm or not wether this is true and does it still contain the delete’s? If I’m on the wrong track could anyone suggest an alternative for a tuner/deter for a 2015. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I seem to be a moron when it comes to these newer ones and their crazy factory exhaust BS


  • I cannot confirm that the tuner will work on a 2015. However, I can tell you that when H&S was in business they never supported any make truck past 2014. The Rams stopped at 2012. So, if someone has made it work on a 2015, it's not something H&S did. All of these tuners now are knock offs. Not H&S produced.
  • Thanks for the info. I was ignorant about that. Is there a brand of tuner/delete that you would recommend for that year stroker?
  • If you want delete tuning look at someone that sells SCT and offers custom tuning. I have an SCTX4 with custom tunes on my 2008 6.4. I use an EDGE CTS2 as my monitor for the PID's, I keep the SCTX4 locked in my gun safe. If someone breaks in my truck and steals the Edge I'm only out the monitor and still have my tuner in case I need to do anything. I don't have to buy all that all over again and re tune the truck. Know what I mean?

    You can try calling Truck Source Diesel and see what they can do for you. http://www.trucksourcediesel.com/Home/Contact

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