Mini Maxx MISTAKE! Switched Transmission type on Accident

Thanks in advance, for any help!
So about 8 days ago I got my hands on some keygens and was monkeying around in my H&S Mini Maxx on my 2011 Dodge Ram 2500, and I must have switched the transmission type from Automatic to Manual. No matter what I do, I cannot figure out how to switch it back to Automatic! I have a family camping trip in 3 weeks and my truck is stuck with ONLY like 3rd or 4th gear in Drive. The gear indicator does not light up, and the back up lights and camera do not turn on in reverse and gear shifts are very harsh. Could someone please tell me how to get it back to automatic? I've tried finding where I must have done it, but after 4-5 hrs of tuning this thing from stock to mild to recovery to reset to stock to mild, I'm going bald faster than I'm coming up with a solution. I spent $600 dollars to have it towed to a Dodge dealer where they supposedly reflashed the pcm and tipm and still exactly the same.


  • Man I have never heard of this one. The only thing I can think of is something in the firmware got changed to a manual trans so it doesn't give you the automatic option during downloading any longer. Try this, go to menu and arrow down to update firmware. Let it do that. Then see if it allows for automatic tuning. If that doesn't work, I would normally tell you to update the SD card but since the updater bricks tuners that's not an option. You might try Berk's Diesel and see if they can sell you an SD card or offer a fix.

    I looked in the manual and there is no reference on how to change from a manual to auto trans or vice versa. It has to be something that is changed in the firmware because that's what gives you the options during the loading of the truck.

    Update: I was searching the web and came across some information in a forum, however it was for 07.5 - 09 Ram. I would assume it would be the same for the 2011. It stated that an auto TCM can be flashed to manual but once flashed to a manual cannot be flashed back to an automatic. It requires a new TCM. It could be that when the MM is reading/backing up the "stock" files it doesn't see an automatic TCM so that option is not presented during the download. Sorry I'm not a RAM expert but that's what I was able to find. You could always try Berk's and see what they say. Let me know how this shakes out if you don't mind.
  • Due to being unable to get someone to provide a fix, I replaced the ECM and discontinued use of the Minimaxx. I'm now using a Raceme Jun.
  • Glad you got it corrected. Be sure not to screw with the new one. You don’t want to be in the same boat again.
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