Changing injection timing

I have a question about changing my injection timing. 2012 ram 3500 mini maxx race. I want to play with the timing being 1is factory and 3 is mini maxx default. Do I need to uninstall every time I do this or can is there a change section I am not seeing and I can't find my answer any where on the net. Thanks.


  • From the manual:

    Injection Timing
    This option allows adjustment of the Injection Timing Calibration tables. There are 5 different
    settings you can choose from. If you skip this adjustment option, you will be defaulted to level 3
    1 - Least Aggressive (Stock Setting)
    2 - Less Aggressive
    3 - (Default)
    4 - More Aggressive
    5 - Most Aggressive
    Note: The injection timing adjustment will affect ALL power levels. This option can only be adjusted during the
    Install Download process.

    Hope that helps...… Oh and here is the manual should you want to review...…
  • My question is if I want to change the timing do i need to uninstall the programmer for every timing change or can i hit the firmware update.
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    Oh, no all you need to do is go to menu > download. Then reinstall the tuning again. No need to return to OEM stock then reload. Just load again and select the options you want during that process. It will overwrite your new selections during this process. If you want to change the timing again, you need to go to menu > download and reload the truck again. So yes, each time you want to change the timing you need to reload the tuning to the truck.
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