New to this. Best Fuel Milage

Hello. I just bought my first diesel truck. 07 Cummins 6.7 Has a mini Maxx installed in it. Been reading up a little on it. Question : What is the setting to get the best fuel mileage? Stock, Tow, Street or Performance?


  • All trucks respond different to tuning. Your driving also has allot to do with it. What I did was try each power level and check fuel mileage. Left it on the one that provided the best mileage. Typically that's performance.
  • Ok. Performance is what I have it set on. It used to have big clouds of smoke, then I reset it (mini Maxx) now it won't smoke. Not sure what changed in the settings or hope it was set, but I guess I'm getting better fuel mileage. Changed it from stock to performance and that's what it's been set to. Thank you for the response.
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