How to blow black smoke?

How do I make my 07 Dodge 6.7 blow black smoke with the mini Maxx?


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    You don't want to. The tuning from H&S is a canned tune. There are a few user options you can change.
    Why would you want to blow black smoke anyway? It just draws attention to deleted diesel trucks and gives everyone a bad name. Plus you were asking about how to get better fuel mileage on your last post. Blowing black smoke is just un-burned fuel.
    Here is the manual. It has some user settings you can adjust during the download.
  • You are correct. Just wondering what I did wrong. It used to blow black smoke, then I messed with it, then when I would get on it. There was no smoke at all. Just wondering how to go back and forth, if possible. That would give me a little more knowledge on how to work this tuner. Thank you
  • Check the link to the manual in my post. The Low Boost Fueling will change the smoke you see.
  • Thanks. I'm still a newbie. Lol
  • I wouldn't run the low boost fueling over 3 for daily driving. Hard on the injectors. Also remember that every time you load the tuning it takes several 100 miles for the truck to relearn your driving habits and the tune to what I call "settle in".
  • Ok I'm not gonna bother with it anymore, might need it up. Thanks for the info. Didn't know about it learning my driving having. Good to know.
  • That sounds like a good plan. Since there is no longer any support and since H&S Performance has been closed for 5 years or so, I always tell everyone, if it ain't broke don't fix it. :)
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