Downloading mcc custom tuning

Okay so I bought custom tunes then put them on my SIM card, then I started downloading the custom tunes on the h&s mini max mid download SIM card popped out and losses error in downloading. Then now it’s locked in recovery mode and says it’s lost communication with TCM what’s the easy fix.


  • Try returning to Stock and reloading. If that gets it out of recovery mode try the MCC tuning again.

    If that doesn't work do this. It works for loading the canned tuning but not sure about the MCC.

    1) Disconnect the tuner from the OBD port and shut the key off.

    2) Disconnect all 4 battery cables, both positive and negative from each side.

    3) On either side, take the positive and negative cables and touch them together for about 15 seconds to clear any charge left in the lines.

    4) Leaving the batteries disconnected, fully charge both batteries as close to 14 volts as possible.

    5) Hook the cables back up, plug the tuner in and turn the key on.

    6) Select Diagnostics and erase any codes.

    7) Select Install Download and follow the all of the prompts on the screen EXCEPT for turning the key off. When the tuner prompts you to shut the key off and press continue, do NOT shut they key off. Simply press continue to bypass this step.

    Make sure you follow Steps 6 and 7.
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