2014 f350 6.7 deleted

I’ve had a H&S Mini Mac on this truck for about 1 month. Had it on a 2011 2 years prior. Yesterday truck cut off at a stoplight and would not fire at all. Got it to a shop. Showed an exhaust code so I thought it may be a tuner issue since it was deleted. Was going to uninstall and reinstall tuner but it went into recovery mode and it is now hung there. What should I try????


  • Mini Maxx not Mini Mac
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    @trooperkip If it's in recovery mode, the tuner wants to return the truck to stock.

    Do this:

    1) Disconnect the tuner from the OBD port and shut the key off.

    2) Disconnect all 4 battery cables, both positive and negative from each side.

    3) On either side, take the positive and negative cables and touch them together for about 15 seconds to clear any charge left in the lines.

    4) Leaving the batteries disconnected, fully charge both batteries as close to 14 volts as possible.

    5) Hook the cables back up, plug the tuner in and turn the key on.

    6) Select Diagnostics and erase any codes.

    7) Select Install Download and follow the all of the prompts on the screen EXCEPT for turning the key off. When the tuner prompts you to shut the key off and press continue, do NOT shut they key off. Simply press continue to bypass this step.

    Make sure you follow steps 6 & 7.
  • Will try it. Thanks. Do you think it’s possible the tuner caused the initial problem when it died while driving?
  • @trooperkip If the truck gave you an exhaust message it sounds like you didn't load the emissions removed tuning. The tuner disables all exhaust sensors and EGR. Once the tuning is loaded it's not going to uninstall itself, I can promise you that!! I would reload the tuning and make damn sure you select emissions removed or DPF removed (depending on your firmware version).
  • It had been loaded with emissions removed and it worked perfect for a month. It suddenly cut off at a stoplight with no warning or sputter. I thought it was a fuel issue. The guy working on it is a Factory Ford mechanic. He thinks the tuner some how got corrupted while driving. I didn’t think that was possible. Either way he got the tuner uninstalled and it will not reinstall past a certain point and it gets hung up and goes into recovery mode. I found another tuner that’s coming off a 2013 f350 and we are going to try it once it arrives. Any other ideas? By the way, THANKS for any help.
  • By the way, the exhaust message was the exhaust cleaner message.
  • @trooperkip I can tell you that once the tuner is loaded it's done. The only other thing it does at that point is read the PID's. As mentioned above, the delete tuning turns off all that. Never have seen that message on a Ford after it's deleted. Ram's, yep but not Ford's.

    I think it's something to do with the PCM in the truck. I would have him reflash the truck back to "as built". Then try to load the tuner.

    Have you tried using the tuner to pull DTC's and see what you have showing? Probably allot since he returned it to stock.
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